Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Objectives


By 2025

reduce 30% of our emissions. (Considering 2023 data)*.

By the end of 2024 ,

impact 500+ people with our educational spaces.


By 2030

reduce 70% of our emissions.

By 2030

we plan to have environmental projects in +7 countries.

Action Plan

Why We Care

Scopes of Carbon Emissions

As a logistics company we are aware that our footprint is mainly created by emissions belonging to scopes 1 and 3. As of 2024, we have began measuring our impact and believe that with this information we can now:

  • Meet sustainability standards.
  • Make more informed supply chain decisions.
  • Reduce the impact the business has on the environment.

Help out clients build an ‘eco-conscious’ brand.

We want our initiatives to have an impact in at least 2 areas:


Impact focused on our planet, allowing it to be a better place to live in through solutions such as decarbonization, air purification, ecosystem development, resource efficiency, etc.


Impact focused on people and society, promoting the creation of jobs and educational spaces that allow groups and individuals to learn about our planet and actions they can partake in to take care of their community.

This initiative consists of the creation of forests based on the Miyawaki methodology. Also known as “mini forests”, “tiny forests”, among other names, the list of benefits this method has is endless:

  • The forests can be planted on surfaces as small as 100m2.
  • They are 30x more dense compared to conventional plantations.
  • They create 100x more biodiversity.
  • They grow 10x faster, 1 meter in height a year.
  • They become self-sustainable after 2-3 years.
  • They are able to sequester 30x more CO2, and are also better at capturing and retaining PM 2.5 and PM 10.
  • Minimal intervention is required because of the use of native species.
Creating green and sustainable spaces—”micro lungs”—within urban or rural areas to increase carbon sequestration and floral and fauna biodiversity, amongst other benefits. This involves volunteers, customers, and the general public in educational activities to promote environmental care and climate action.

Miyawaki forests

Consisting on a transparent film to coat surfaces with, this initiative proposes nanotechnology that purifies the air through a photocatalytic process. The sunlight allows the surfaces to:

  • Eliminate air pollutants such as NOx, SOx, VOCs.
  • Self clean.
  • Eliminate odors.
  • Act as an antibacterial surface.
Purifying the air through nanotechnology, reducing our emissions of scopes 1 and 3. This will provide a cleaner atmosphere in areas surrounding the treated surfaces to improve the air quality people breathe daily.

Loyalty Clean Air

In collaboration with Evertreen, Seeds around the world is an initiative that facilitates the creation of forests in different parts of the planet.

Although the main focus is CO2 sequestration, these projects employ local farmers and help restore the land and soil health.

Planting native species in different parts of the world promotes the creation of green spaces, land restoration, and climate action while providing local farmers with decent working conditions and a better quality of life.

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