Preserving Customer Loyalty!

By Rick Aquino (Sr. National Accounts Manager)

Having been in the Customer Service industry for the past 26 years, (17 years in the Transport & Logistics field – sales, teaching and mentoring) – I have always kept an eye and remained focused on one special thing… how to measure a customer’s satisfaction with the service provided. What are the factors that determine “Customer Satisfaction?” 

Customer Satisfaction is the key to an important customer loyalty and repeat purchase of the service. Customer satisfaction creates customer loyalty! This “satisfaction” translates to growth, healthy relationship, and ultimately- the survival of the company. 

Studies and my experience have shown that companies lose on an average about 20% of customers due to dissatisfaction. If you can minimize the number of dis-satisfied customers or decrease it by 5%, you will have an increased profitably average between 35-85% (depending on your industry). In addition to creating loyal customers, they are often less price-sensitive and are more pleasant to work with. These are the reasons why companies should give “customer satisfaction” high priority and continuously keep it monitored.